Mission, Vision & History


Ireland-India Council (IIC) is the leading organization working to strengthen the existing relationship and promote understanding among the Irish Indian Communities, business leaders, universities and institutions of the Ireland and India. Council brings together present and future leaders, intellectuals and diplomats from our two countries and lay the groundwork for future cooperation.


The Ireland-India Council visualises greater economic, educational, scientific, cultural and tourism opportunities between Ireland and India. Council explores new areas by supporting to develop communication, dialogue, mutual trust, leadership and improved understanding between leaders in business, education and government in Ireland and India.

Historical Links
The foundation of Irish-Indian relations was greatly strengthened by the luminaries like Éamon de Valera, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Rabindra Nath Tagore, W.B. Yeats and above all, Annie Besant and Mother Teresa. Alfred Web an Irish parliamentarian was invited to chair the Indian National Congress session in 1894, it is a unique example of friendship between the people of our two countries.

During the dusk of the last century, the founders of the Council felt a strong need for an organisation which provide a platform for interaction between Irish and Indians and facilitate contacts in cultural, economic and education sector as an Indian community in Ireland significantly growing, business opportunities between the two emerging knowledge-based economies presenting immense scope for trade, commerce and collaborations in research and development field.

Ireland India Council (IIC)
The Ireland India Council is a leading institution for Public-Private Cooperation between Ireland and India. The Council engages with the leading governmental, business, cultural and other leaders of Ireland and India to broaden Irish Indian relationship.

It was established in 2002 by prominent Irish economist late Professor Louis Smith and current Chairman Prashant Shukla. IIC is based in both Ireland and India, It is independent, impartial and not aligned to any interest groups. The Council endeavours in all its efforts to illustrate entrepreneurship in the Indian and Irish public interest while upholding the moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything Council does.

Our activities are shaped by a unique culture founded with Indian and Irish wisdom and values, IIC asserts values in all works and programmes. The Council mindfully blends and balances the best of various kinds of the commercial and cultural programmes and activities, from both the public and private sectors, trade, commercial and academic institutions.

Ireland India Council believes that progress happens by bringing together commercial, cultural and professionals from all walks of life who have the energy and the influence to make a positive change in overall Irish-Indian relationship.

The Ireland-India Council organises a variety of programs, activities and initiatives each year.

The Program

People to People Contact

IIC provides a platform of interaction between individuals and institutions through organizing events, visits and meetings.

Business to Business Interactions

We organize business meetings and also provide information support to the companies intending or doing business between Ireland and India.

Cultural Exchange

Council organizes cultural events, exhibitions, film and documentary shows and provide cultural familiarization training to the variety of clients i.e. Students, companies and institutions.

Summer Lecture

Each year during the summer IIC organizes a lecture/talk of an outstanding Irish or Indian personality to nurture relations between the people and institutions of our two countries. 


Build on the interlocking relationship of our members through facilitating communications and interactions among the members and businesses.


We publish a bimonthly newsletter to keep updated our members and associates about IIC activities and developments in Irish-Indian economic, cultural, political, educational, trade and commerce sector.


These are long term projects to find practical solutions to clearly defined objectives and challenges.

Ireland-India Science & Technology Forum

Since 2010 Council regularly holds an Irish Indian Science Technology Forum to promote and catalyse Irish-Indian collaborations in science, technology, engineering and biomedical research.

Cross Community Integration Program: Local Initiative Global Perspective 

With the support of the Office of the Minister for Integration this project was launched in March 2008. The project holds and supports a range of activities to facilitate integration between the old and new communities.

Integrating Indians

On 30th January, 2007 the project “Integrating Indians” was launched by Ms Liz O’Donnell, TD and former Minister to obtain following objectives:

To assist social, economic and cultural Integration of the Indians living in Ireland,

To link them with the Indian Diaspora,

To attract Diaspora for investment, entrepreneurship and professional skills. 

Student Support

Ireland-India Council is working together with Irish Education, Universities and colleges to develop a support mechanism for Indian students in Ireland in the persuasion of their studies. It is also supported through internship programs, information session & workshops familiarize Indian students to understand Irish system.

Community Support

In the field of Immigration and Integration Ireland-India Council has closely worked with government agencies, Non Governmental Organizations like the Immigrant Council of Ireland, Integrating Ireland and with a network of ethnic groups to provide information services and assist with practical solutions to the Indians living in Ireland.

Intercultural Familiarization

IIC provides intercultural familiarization about Indian culture, literature, history and other areas of interest to the Indigenous Irish community, school and colleges.

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