Build on the interlocking relationship of our members through facilitating communications and interactions among the members and businesses.

Student Support

India – Ireland Council is working together with Irish Education, Universities and colleges to develop a support mechanism for Indian students in Ireland in the persuasion of their studies. It is also supported through internship programs, information session & workshops familiarize Indian students to understand Irish system.

Community Support

In the field of Immigration and Integration Ireland-India Council has closely worked with government agencies, Non Governmental Organizations like the Immigrant Council of Ireland, Integrating Ireland and with a network of ethnic groups to provide information services and assist with practical solutions to the Indians living in Ireland.


Council organizes cultural events, exhibitions, film and documentary shows and provide cultural familiarization training to the variety of clients


We organize business meetings and also provide information support to the companies intending or doing business between Ireland and India.


Since 2010 Council regularly holds an Irish Indian Science Technology Forum to promote and catalyse Irish-Indian collaborations in science, technology, engineering and biomedical research.