Business Matchmaking

This is an integral element of the Ireland India Council’s services. The programme has been very successful in assisting members and delegates of our events to make their important links and we facilitate necessary meetings between interested businesses. The Business Matching Programme is the platform to create and nurture vital cross-country commercial relationships. 

The programme presents the following advantages:

  • The Matchmaking Programme effectively matches the right businesses and sets up specific meetings.
  • The matchmaking team will assist with your matchmaking questions and needs.

Small-medium businesses are the backbone of every economy. We believe that every business needs to develop a global perspective, as raw materials, finished products and assorted traded services are highly mobile.

Covid has brought a total review of Work and Industrial practice. Working from home has become a norm on a scale not previously imagined possible. This will present huge opportunities for those that rapidly adapt to take advantage of these new norms. Companies that feel they have a high growth potential ought to engage in a process of exploration.

We need a brief confidential outline of one’s current enterprise situation and what is sought.

Immediate Opportunities

  1. A Cleaning and Hygiene products distributor in Ireland, with their premises seeking an alliance with a manufacturer in India, would welcome an active involvement.
  2. An engineering and maintenance business seeking an alliance with a manufacturer of Engineering equipment that can provide installation and service throughout the EU.
  3. A long-established printing and Sign manufacture and business seek collaboration with a similar Indian operation, with a particular interest in self-published books, large run annual periodicals etc.
  4. A long experienced hotel management team can assist in the Purchase and management of a single or multiple hotel venture.
  5. If we have the parameters of the desired objective from an Indian enterprise no matter how big or small we will find a solution to their requirements.
  6. We have an Indian Stone export business based in Jaipur seeking collaboration with a potential distributor/ stockholder.
  7. A Web production and design operation with a growing clientele seek collaboration with a small Indian entity, with experience in WordPress.
  8. A long-established Electrical Contracting Business, involved in testing and certification Would like to explore possibilities with both Indian manufacturers of Electrical goods and service providers.
  9. Online ladies clothing business, seeking the manufacturer for non-seasonal items.

What we do

  1. Develop a partnership with a view to a joint venture, a low risk high potential arrangement.
  2. Direct investment in an existing business
  3. Purchase a business or property
  4. Appoint a sales agent/s
  5. Explore staff exchange, learning opportunities
  6. Appoint European Authorised Representative (EC Rep.)
  7. Keep file and copy of your full technical documentation for inspection by EU regulators, upon request.
  8. The IIC Business Matchmaking team is contracted by the Ireland India Council to provide the matchmaking service. There is a € 500.00 charge for the business matchmaking service and all interactions are confidential.