The membership ranks of the Council are comprised predominantly of senior executives in business corporations in Ireland and India—industrialists, merchants, bankers, universities and artists. The Council draws membership support from legal, accounting, medical, and information & technology professionals' representatives. Ireland India Council accord honorary membership to the prominent members of the society. The Council operates at the national level with offices in Dublin and Meath in Ireland and representatives based in various cities in India.


  1. Promote our members located in Ireland or India in both markets.
  2. Assist Members with any issues relating to establishing or operating in Ireland or India through sharing our experience, knowledge, network and customised professionally required services for their operations. 
  3. Business Match Making Service- this is an exclusive service IIC matchmaking provides to our members. IIC team first set up a meeting with you to discuss your requirement and plan for your business. 
  4. Work with policymakers, individuals, and organisations in India and Ireland on issues of mutual interest.
  5. Facilitate privileged rates in services with our members and partner's network.
  6. Provide monthly meetings, seminars, workshops, and exclusive India-related events like India Day, International Yoga Day, Diwali and Dinners, Luncheons, Breakfasts, and other individually announced events.
  7. Provide speakers to discuss relevant themes for members living and working in Ireland and India.
  8. Provide cultural familiarisation to members and their employees.
  9. Support the cultural and social interests among communities and members.
  10. Provide discounted workshops/training on wellness and healthy living programmes for members and their employees.
  11. In addition to all the IIC membership benefits, from time to time, IIC offers an exclusive Discount Program, providing carefully selected offers from a growing number of partners.

The Comprehensive Benefits to our members include: 

Distinctness: The IIC provides several ways businesses and organisations can get noticed. This can range from the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. It allows business to be found by people looking for your goods or services, whether online or through specific enquiries.

Referral & References: IIC receives an abundance of inquiries. We do our best to connect potential customers with our members that can provide the service or product requested. 

Knowledge: IIC members can take advantage of well-being programmes and educational seminars that are complementary or discounted with membership.

Networking: Business owners prefer to do business with people they know. Grow your business by taking advantage of the networking opportunities the IIC provides for cultivating and maintaining valuable trade prospects.

Plausibility: IIC Membership brings credibility to your business. You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you're identified as a member of the Council.

Support: The Council represents the business interests of our members. IIC specialises in building relations and always works to minimise barriers to trade and commerce between Ireland and India. It is our continuous work, yet an essential role council plays. The IIC fights many battles on many fronts on your behalf with utmost sincerity and commitment.

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